Benefits of WordPress for your website #1

Ventajas de WordPress para tu página web #1

The benefits of using WordPress for your website are extensive. It is a CMS that is very easy to use. Content manager that has a wide variety of functions.   WordPress is a CMS (content management system) that currently has almost 20 years of existence, which serves for the creation and maintenance of any website, […]

Storytelling. Make your content sell

Storytelling is already a well-known term. But who really knows it? In the end, it is just another of the many “buzzwords” used in the marketing sector and that, except for those of us who are obliged to know it for our work, few know about it. Perhaps by now you know that if you […]

Benefits of creating a blog

A blog is a very useful tool for companies. In this post we tell you all the benefits of creating a blog. Just as nowadays it is essential to have a website, it is also essential to have a blog. Why? Two fundamental reasons: it helps to achieve corporate objectives and it opens a communication […]

Four mistakes that ruin your Facebook Ads campaigns

Facebook Ads campaigns are a very affordable and easy way to attract new customers for your business through this Social Network. What is the problem then? Inexperience or haste can lead us to make mistakes in our Facebook Ads campaigns that make us lose time and money. Two vital resources for the success of a […]

SEO mistakes you should not make

You use keywords, you have taken care with the design and structure of your website but you don’t appear in the first positions of the Google search engine? You are probably making some SEO mistakes that you should fix. Create attractive content. Optimizing the keywords that are most relevant to your industry and making calls […]

Unforgivable mistakes when creating a website

Today we are going to tell you the mistakes you should not make when creating a website: A website is one of the most powerful marketing tools for a company. It is used to attract customers and make effective sales of products and services. 22% of the world’s population uses e-commerce to satisfy their needs […]

What is SEO and why do you need it?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is translated into the language of Cervantes as web positioning, i.e. the optimization of a website for Internet search engines. Since the creation of Wandex at the beginning of the 90s, many search engines have passed through our lives. But if one has had a special impact it has been Google, […]

Social Networks, How do they help your business?

Social Networks, a tool that you have surely been using for several years in your leisure time, but… Do you know all the potential they have to help your company grow? Before getting into the subject, let’s start by defining what Social Networks are. They are platforms through which a person can communicate with others, […]

Why do you need a website?

Even today there are still people who are reluctant to create a website for their business or company. In this article we are going to offer you a clear and sincere argumentation of why it is essential, even if you have a local business. The website is your image, your showcase to the world. Through […]