Unforgivable mistakes when creating a website

Today we are going to tell you the mistakes you should not make when creating a website:

A website is one of the most powerful marketing tools for a company.

It is used to attract customers and make effective sales of products and services.

22% of the world’s population uses e-commerce to satisfy their needs and half of them do it through their smartphone.

For this reason the website must be oriented to achieve a series of objectives, in addition to being “friendly” for the potential buyer. For example, if the loading time is slow or the navigation is difficult, we will directly scare the user away.

Next we are going to relate the most frequent errors and that are unforgivable at the time of creating a web page…. If you look at your site and see that you have any of them, do not hesitate to call us and we will help you solve the problem.

Not responsive

Sometimes there is a tendency to create web pages oriented only to the PC. Mistake, big mistake. People spend most of their time “hooked” to their cell phones, so Internet purchases are increasingly made through these devices.

If your website is not responsive, that is to say that it does not adapt its shape and size to each of the existing devices, you will be losing up to 40% of potential customers without knowing it.

Errores a la hora de crear una página web

The web page loads slowly

You are completely lost. Half of the people who have to wait more than three seconds for a website to load directly leave. Do you realize how many customers can be lost?

First of all it is of vital importance that your website is hosted on a good hosting. The larger the size of a digital file the longer it will take to load the page.

In this sense the images must “weigh” as little as possible without losing their quality or definition. The developer has to minify code, reduce the weight of source code files (CSS, JavaScript…).

The use of a CDN will help to improve the connection of our server, saving waiting time for users and thus reducing the dreaded bounce rate.

A confusing domain

Just like your company name, the more convoluted or difficult it is for customers, the more you will drive them away from your services.

The domain of your website must be clear and concise, if you have to repeat it to your customers it can lead to confusion and if they don’t find you the first time, obviously they will not buy from you either.

It is necessary to take some time to think about the name of the web so that your clients can understand it perfectly.

No contact form

It is a truism, but if they have no way to contact you, they cannot buy what you offer.

It is essential to have a contact form on your website and that it works properly.

You can choose between having it on the Contact page or having it always visible and accompanying the user in his navigation through the different parts of the web.

Search Engine Optimization

If there is a recurring word in the Internet world today is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Translated into English it refers to the positioning of your website in a search engine.

In this section there are many factors that can penalize your website (duplicate titles, duplicate meta descriptions, little text on the web, no redirection of old URL’s …) and relegate it out of the first page, which is practically as if that website does not exist.

I’m sure you already know the data, but to emphasize the importance. Three quarters of Internet users “click” on the so-called SEO zone.

More than 50% click on the first link that appears in Google, around 14% click on the second and 10% click on the third, and so the percentage is decreasing by leaps and bounds as you scroll down the first page of Google.

The first link that appears in the search engines gets more visits than the next 9 together (Source: antoniogonzalezm.es)

Measuring results

Once your website has been created, it is necessary to install tools like Google Analytics, which offer you all the data you need about the way the public interacts with your website.

Measuring all these results and variables allows you to correct mistakes, know your strengths and design an effective strategy to improve your weaknesses in front of users.

Information is power and the more you know about your users and potential users, the more chances you have to achieve your business goals.


Texts with spelling mistakes and incorrect expressions denote a lack of professionalism. Check and take care of everything you write.

Your content is the face of your company. You can offer credibility and trust or the opposite and nobody wants that, right?

At first it may seem something trivial, but it is very important when creating a web page. Through words and, if they are badly written, we transmit distrust.

You do not manage your server and hosting

Normally a company hires a third party to create its website. The domain and hosting are not aspects that worry too much in the beginning.

But imagine that you stop working with the company that created your website. They have the passwords. A problem arises with the hosting or the server and you do not have direct access to these two fundamental elements for the correct functioning of your web page.

Privacy policy

The law requires the existence of a legal notice that identifies the owner of the website (name, address, CIF, email…).

If the website collects personal data, it is also mandatory the existence of a privacy policy page, as required by the Organic Law on Data Protection (LOPD).

Remember not to make these mistakes when creating a website or you will be losing customers.