SEO mistakes you should not make

You use keywords, you have taken care with the design and structure of your website but you don’t appear in the first positions of the Google search engine? You are probably making some SEO mistakes that you should fix.

Create attractive content. Optimizing the keywords that are most relevant to your industry and making calls to action for your users are key factors for success on the Internet.

One of the most frequent mistakes made by those who are starting out in SEO is to think that once the content of the website is written, visitors will start pouring in.

The process is somewhat more complex. We publish content. We have to work to position it and we will reach potential consumers. For this we need a good SEO strategy.

Faster. Better

A slow page generates rejection for users What does it mean? Possible customer. Possible sale. Lost.

The faster your website is, the better it will be rated by Google’s robot.

One of the factors that most often slow down a web page are images that are too “heavy”. The bigger they are, the longer they take to load, and that makes any neighbor’s son of a bitch desperate.

Another solution to increase speed is to enable browser caching. This simple action will make your page load faster for users who have visited your site more than once.

A tool that can help you test the speed of your website is: Google PageSpeed Insights.

Una web que tarda mucho en cargar espanta a los usuarios

Are you sure you are interested in those keywords?

Before rushing madly to introduce content on a website, it is necessary to make an audit of the “keywords” for which we are most interested in positioning ourselves.

We must avoid that these keywords are too generic, since there will always be other pages with better ranking and more notoriety that are betting on them.

Let’s imagine that you start with a car rental company. You will be competing against large companies with massive budgets. It is better to focus on “long tail” keywords.

Yes, it is possible that your audience will be reduced, but the more specific these keywords are, the more chances you have to reach your target audience organically.

Errores SEO que pueden arruinar tu web

Pay attention to the meta description

In addition to the name of your company, the first thing the user sees when he finds you through a browser is the meta description.

Define your page. It is the visible face of your business on the Internet and can be the key factor for a user to decide to enter your web page.

The meta description has to be an attractive text that catches the attention of whoever sees it and decides to click for more information.

If the face is important, so is the inside. The contents of your blog must exceed 300 words to be well considered by the Google robot and consider the page as an authority on the subject.

Remember that Google has to find you. But you don’t write for Google, you write for people. Try to create quality and original content. Never duplicate.

La meta descripción es la presentación de tu empresa cara el público

Images, please

We tend to think that content refers only to the text on a web page. This is a lie. And a big one.

Images are also indexed. The Google robot checks them to categorize a web page. What is important here? Put images in our posts and always include the keyword in the “alt” tag.

A dense text without images will scare off both readers and robots. Make sure that these images are of quality (otherwise they will be penalized).

Including images and videos in your texts has another benefit. It increases the user’s time on the website. Ideal for improving SEO.

Una web sin imágenes es poco atractiva para los usuarios

Mobile first

There is still a widespread thought of creating web pages for PC. Wrong. Big mistake.

A high percentage of sales come through cell phones. We spend the day hooked and from it we can consult the Internet anywhere.

In fact, during the last year Google changed the way it indexes, prioritizing mobiles. If your website has a perfect desktop version, but it is not responsive, you are wasting your time.

If you are planning to create a website for your business soon. Think first about its design and development and mobile version. Your future sales depend on that decision. Don’t let SEO mistakes slow down the growth of your business.

Google penaliza las web que no son responsive