Four mistakes that ruin your Facebook Ads campaigns

Facebook Ads campaigns are a very affordable and easy way to attract new customers for your business through this Social Network.

What is the problem then? Inexperience or haste can lead us to make mistakes in our Facebook Ads campaigns that make us lose time and money. Two vital resources for the success of a business.

At Kodikas we want to give you a hand and for this reason today we are going to tell you the mistakes you should not make when running Facebook Ads campaigns.

Let’s get started!

Are we promoting our page?

It consists simply of advertising your Facebook Fan Page so that it is shown on Facebook and thus reach more followers. What happened?

By increasing our number of followers, the content we published had a greater organic reach, as Facebook used to show all your content to the whole of your audience.

As everything on the Internet is changing at the speed of light, this is no longer an effective measure.

The algorithm has been changing and nowadays the reach has been greatly reduced. So much so, that organically your posts are barely shown if they are not relevant to your followers.

What does this mean? If your posts are not interesting for your followers and there are less and less interactions, no matter how many fans you have, Facebook will reduce the reach of your posts drastically.

Facebook Fan Page

Pixel and Facebook Ads campaigns

The crux of the matter when advertising through Facebook Ads is to obtain information about your potential customers.

The Pixel is a code that allows us to collect information about the traffic generated by your Fan Page, which will allow us to define the audience in a much finer way when creating new ads.

Beware of retargeting!

Retargeting is a digital marketing strategy that consists of showing the ad again to people who showed interest in your product or service but did not purchase it the first time.

Here we make special emphasis on that fact. This strategy through Facebook Ads is for those who did not buy. If you show the ad to those who already bought, they will most likely get annoyed.

Either through the Facebook Pixel or by importing to the Social Network the list of emails of users who have already purchased, you can exclude these people from your next Facebook Ads campaign.

Facebook App

Not everything works immediately

We put this mistake that you should not make in fourth place, but it is probably the most important of them all.

Please be patient. Results are not usually obtained in a matter of seconds or that a campaign does not work does not mean that the Facebook Ads tool is no longer useful for our business.

It is a platform that allows us a higher segmentation than other platforms on which we can advertise our business.

If that campaign in question has not worked. Do not despair. Analyze it. Investigate. Learn from your mistakes and the next one will work much better.