Differences between web developer and web designer

Being distant from this world or beliefs acquired over time can lead people to think that web developer and web designer are the same thing.

Nothing could be further from the truth. They have different roles and completely different functions.

Making a comparison with the world of construction, it could be said that the web designer is the architect and the web developer is the company that is going to build the building.

What is a web developer?

Also known as a front-end developer, it is basically the programmer who creates a web page with one or several languages, according to the design created by a web designer.

In other words, he/she creates a structure and converts a design into code and generates all the functionalities that the web page will have.

What tools does the web developer need?

In order to carry out his work correctly, he needs a solid knowledge of programming languages.

The first one to know is HTML, which defines the structure and hierarchy of the website so that browsers know and are able to differentiate its different parts.

Closely linked to this are the CSS style sheets, which define the general styles of the web page (fonts, colours, formatting of each paragraph, etc.).

Other tools that a web developer must master are JavaSxcript and libraries such as jQuery or React.js.

For its simplicity and the ease that the user will have to change things within the web one of the templates (CMS) most used today for the development of web pages is WordPress.

It is a template that helps to avoid having to build the website from scratch and offers a multitude of possibilities in the visual and functional part, although to be able to retouch them it is necessary to have notions of programming languages.

Diferencias entre desarrollador web y diseñador web - Kodikas

What is a web designer?

They are creatives focused on the digital world whose main function is to design a website so that it is visually appealing to the user.

The web designer therefore does not “touch” the code as a web developer does. Their tools are the colours, fonts and images that will give the website the desired look and feel.

His work must be clear and concise so that the web developer can translate all elements into code. Likewise, a web designer must have notions of UX so that his or her design combines attractiveness and functionality.

A beautiful website that is difficult to use generates rejection in everyone who enters it for the first time.

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What tools does a web designer use?

First of all, he or she must know how to configure the page so that it is both visually attractive and allows the user to navigate comfortably and efficiently.

To achieve this, he/she must have notions of UX and UI. Colours and typography play a fundamental role in attracting the user. The web designer has to be able to combine them in a harmonious way and make them easy to read.

Knowing where to place the CTAs (calls to action), which are the buttons that invite the user to buy or take a certain action on the web. If they are hidden, nobody will ever buy on your website.

You also have to have notions of SEO, since the organisation and how a website is structured is an essential factor when it comes to indexing the page and positioning it at the top of browsers.

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A few years ago it was basically designed for PCs. Today this has changed, a high percentage of the population looks at the Internet through their mobile phones.

The designer must take this into account, because a website that is not responsive is losing customers. In fact, he has to think first about the mobile design and later about the desktop version.

These are the fundamental differences between a web developer and a web designer. At Kodikas we have experts in both facets to make your business grow and reach all potential buyers.

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