Benefits of creating a blog

A blog is a very useful tool for companies. In this post we tell you all the benefits of creating a blog.

Just as nowadays it is essential to have a website, it is also essential to have a blog.


Two fundamental reasons: it helps to achieve corporate objectives and it opens a communication channel with the audience.

Let’s get to the crux of the matter. What are the benefits of creating a blog?

An industry benchmark

Creating quality content on your blog will attract traffic to your website, as you can include the keywords that users search for in browsers about your sector.

Furthermore, making this content relevant and of interest to your audience helps to build your reputation, improve your brand image and ultimately make you a benchmark in your industry.

Many companies abandoned their blogs in the last decade, but are returning to blogging knowing the benefits.

Building trust

By publishing on the corporate blog with a certain frequency (a minimum of 1 or 2 posts per week), a climate of trust is generated with the audience that reads the blog.

This tool allows the objectives and values of the company to be transmitted in a direct way.

It allows to establish a fluid communication with a closer tone towards the user.

As if this were not important enough, it is also a very powerful sales tool.

Statistics indicate that around 70% of consumers decide to buy based on the confidence and interest of the blog’s contents.

Attract traffic to your website

Creating a blog helps to position a website for the keywords most searched by consumers on the Internet.

It provides visibility to the website and attracts traffic organically.

It reduces advertising costs, but it is a longer process, as SEO is not instantaneous and you have to feed the blog regularly to get results.

Getting new customers

It is not only about reaching our audience, but also about attracting those people within our target audience who do not know us yet.

By increasing traffic to your website, you increase the number of new people who see your content and the products or services you sell on your website.

As a result, these readers can become customers that we did not have before.

Through the blog you can generate the so-called CTA “Call To Action” (call to action).

It is used for the reader to interact with the publication and find what we offer that may be of interest to them.

Create a community

A blog is an excellent communication tool. It allows us to have constant feedback from our customers through their comments we will know in detail their needs and how we can meet them.

This fluid dialogue allows the company to know the image they have of it, to know its strengths and weaknesses and what direction it has to work on.

If all these benefits have not convinced you to create a blog, contact Kodikas. We will help you to sell more.