Social Networks, How do they help your business?

Social Networks, a tool that you have surely been using for several years in your leisure time, but…

Do you know all the potential they have to help your company grow?

Before getting into the subject, let’s start by defining what Social Networks are. They are platforms through which a person can communicate with others, create groups and communities, all in real time.

Now let’s see how Social Networks can help you?

Viral diffusion

The publication of a video or an article that has an impact on a certain audience reaches thousands or even millions of people in just a moment.

If you are on them and your publications are interesting, you will see your website traffic increase rapidly.


Before the emergence of Social Networks, companies did not have the opportunity to interact directly with their public. This tool allows them to know instantly their tastes and demands, allowing a feedback from which both parties will benefit.

They also help to expand your network of contacts, to establish professional and commercial relationships that can be very useful for you.


They offer the possibility of informing the public about your products or changes in the company that have an impact on your customers. The public can access a lot of information about your company with just a glance at your Facebook page for example.


Marketing and Advertising

They are a really powerful tool to attract new customers. They allow you to segment the audience with a multitude of factors, so you can adjust each ad to the target audience and make the most of every euro invested in advertising.

In addition, the cost per ad is significantly lower than traditional media (television, radio, press), and the reach and diffusion is much greater in Social Networks.

They serve to create an image of your brand, generate credibility, trust and customer loyalty. They help you to transmit your strengths and improve your weaknesses thanks to the direct and close contact with your audience.


For example on Facebook, when you create a company page, there is a section where you can include your products and sell them directly from there, generate offers and discounts…etc.

Almost 75% of users who frequently use Social Networks recognize that they have bought a product about which they have found information on one of these platforms.

All that glitters is not gold

What is published in them remains there forever. Keep in mind that what you write is part of your company’s image.

We know that there are many trolls out there who are dedicated to hurling insults. It is better to block these people or be careful with the answer you give, because if you play their game (in a bad way) the image of your business can be ruined. If you have this under control, you have nothing to worry about.

Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest Google +, are great tools to grow your business. Do not be afraid and enter the world of Social Networks.

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