Ventajas de WordPress para tu página web #1

Benefits of WordPress for your website #1

The benefits of using WordPress for your website are extensive. It is a CMS that is very easy to use. Content manager that has a wide variety of functions.


WordPress is a CMS (content management system) that currently has almost 20 years of existence, which serves for the creation and maintenance of any website, from a blog to an online shop.
It is a very intuitive CMS that will make the creation and management of your new website very simple. In fact, sometimes you don’t even need to go through the manual installation steps of WordPress.
This tool has thousands of plugins that will allow you to extend the possibilities of your WordPress website.

The benefits of using WordPress for your website are extensive, here are some of the most relevant:

As mentioned above, it is a CMS very easy to handle, whether we talk about the administration and content management as the installation process, which will only take you a few minutes to complete.
Hosting management panels such as plesk offer the possibility of installing it automatically with the latest version of the system for both the web files and the database.
Once the initial version of WordPress is installed, the next step is to choose a theme, you can either continue using one of the default themes proposed by WordPress or, if you want a theme that better suits your website, install another theme.

With regard to templates, it is important to take into account some of the following aspects for the proper functioning of your website:
The best thing to do is to buy a template based on the number of downloads it has, that is, one that has been used by many web designers.
This way you ensure that you are using a template whose bugs and improvements have already been reported to the developer.

Another advantage of WordPress is that it is a content management system that has a wide variety of functions that offer you different options for your website:


Blogging is the most well-known function of WordPress. Considering how easy it is to use and the various tools that can be added, it makes it one of the most recommended CMSs when creating a website focused on this type of content.




WordPress is the world’s most popular open source e-commerce platform, with the WooCommerce plugin generating over 30% of all online shops with over one million downloads. WordPress features the WooCommerce plugin.

Not only does it offer all the typical functionalities that an online shop requires, but you can also add numerous options thanks to all the specific plugins for this tool.



Web empresarial

With WordPress you also have the possibility of creating a business website with all the sections and functionalities that you want, which you can use to report everything that has to do with your business, as we mentioned before, WordPress has a wide variety of templates that will allow you to get the design that best suits your criteria.


These are just some of the options of web pages that you can create with WordPress, but as we have mentioned before, the wide variety of functionalities and plugins that this CMS has as well as the simple and intuitive handling that it presents, make your possibilities when creating a web page extend considerably.

At Kodikas, we have extensive experience using WordPress, so we offer you a personalised service for the management and design of your website.

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