Benefits of WordPress for your website #1

Ventajas de WordPress para tu página web #1

The benefits of using WordPress for your website are extensive. It is a CMS that is very easy to use. Content manager that has a wide variety of functions.   WordPress is a CMS (content management system) that currently has almost 20 years of existence, which serves for the creation and maintenance of any website, […]

Mobile web design fundamentals

Principios de diseño web para móvil

It used to be a competitive advantage. Now it is a necessity. Mobile web design has multiplied its importance over the last few years. Here we explain why. The main reason why every website requires a responsive design is that nowadays most users browse the Internet from their mobile device. The days of the desktop […]

Differences between web developer and web designer

Being distant from this world or beliefs acquired over time can lead people to think that web developer and web designer are the same thing. Nothing could be further from the truth. They have different roles and completely different functions. Making a comparison with the world of construction, it could be said that the web […]

Differences between web application and web page

Very often the concepts of web page and web application are used indistinctly, as if they were identical. Nothing could be further from the truth, each of them obey very different needs, which we will explain below. To speak of a website is to speak of a set of static pages that provide certain information […]

Why do you need a website?

Even today there are still people who are reluctant to create a website for their business or company. In this article we are going to offer you a clear and sincere argumentation of why it is essential, even if you have a local business. The website is your image, your showcase to the world. Through […]