Principios de diseño web para móvil

Mobile web design fundamentals

It used to be a competitive advantage. Now it is a necessity. Mobile web design has multiplied its importance over the last few years. Here we explain why.

The main reason why every website requires a responsive design is that nowadays most users browse the Internet from their mobile device. The days of the desktop PC are over.

What does this mean? Without a mobile web design, your site is doomed to fail.

For the first time in history, in 2015 Google announced that users were accessing a higher percentage from mobile devices than from desktops and laptops.

What was the first step? Rewarding those who have a mobile-friendly web design and penalising those who are not mobile-friendly in terms of SEO.

Following on from the above, studies have also shown that a user who searches for a service or product on their mobile phone is more likely to make a purchase. It is a need that they want to cover at that moment.

We care about you. For your business. For this reason, here are some of the requirements that your site must meet.

El diseño responsive es vital para tu página web - Kodikas

Avoid creating pages that are excessively long and full of content. People get bored of reading, they want things fast and if possible they want to have all the information at a glance.

Useful tips on responsive design

The most important sales tool on your website is the “call to action”. This must be perfectly visible and stand out from the rest of the text.

Keep your menus short and to the point. The user wants concise and well-organised information. The fewer sections the menu has in the mobile version, the better.

As we sell services or products we want to advertise our promotions, but it is essential that these are not excessively large or make navigation difficult. This scares users away.

It is convenient that the search bar is also easily identifiable by the user and that it includes search filters to make life easier for visitors.

Companies tend to want to collect data for their marketing strategies, but allowing guest checkout without registration is attractive to potential customers.

Introduce a call button on the page so that users can contact your customer service and resolve their queries instantly.

Diseño web para móvil - Kodikas

Help customers by introducing numeric keypads, drop-down menus and checkboxes so that they can fill in the requested information as easily as possible.

If your business needs to include a form, they should be clear and concise, with as few fields as possible.

Pay attention to the typography (everything must be perfectly legible) and include good quality images that are easy to see.

It may seem trivial, but indicate whether the site is more easily navigable in landscape or portrait orientation. The easier we make it for them, the happier they will be.

So much for our tips on how to make a good mobile web design. If your site is not responsive or you want to create it from scratch. Don’t hesitate. Contact Kodikas.